A source close to Miley Cyrus might have shared too much information about her wedding to Liam Hemsworth.

Ever since the couple rekindled their romance, speculations about their wedding skyrocketed. Sources recently suggested the ceremony would take place Down Under on an Australian beach. Moreover, wedding bells could sound off sooner than expected, as the groom is supposedly eyeing August. The constant sightings of Miley Cyrus in Australia with Liam Hemsworth and his family could support these claims. However, the father of the future bride seemed to have another opinion.

“No there’s no wedding bells on the calendar, I’d tell you if there was!” the publication cited Billy Ray Cyrus’ interview with InTouch Magazine. While fans might consider this true since the singer does portray a minister in his latest TV offering, his response could likely upset those who looked forward to the wedding. Although the revelation could tie in with a recent speculation that the couple called off the wedding for good.

Yet Cyrus was quick to redeem himself as he did confirm the two are indeed back together. That in turn would correspond to the latest ink of the Wrecking Ball singer that pays tribute to her Aussie beau. Apparently, Hemsworth is an avid fan of Vegemite, hence the bottle tattooed on her arm.

The young couple’s relationship seems to attract controversy at every chance. Hence, the continued speculation and interest that surrounds their wedding. Neither party has come forward to confirm any of these rumors. Moreover, they have kept quiet on the status of their relationship. However, when they do tie the knot, they could likely heed the advice of Billy Ray Cyrus,  Mail Online wrote. According to the country singer, his tried and tested secret to more than twenty years of marriage is to stay sincere and true.