Miley Cyrus – Liam Hemsworth Split: ‘Not Over Yet’ Despite Sexting Scandal?


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are not cancelling their wedding. The Australian actor is reportedly staying with the “Adore You” singer despite her sexting scandal.

According to Hollywood Life, the couple couple has yet to break up. Their engagement, as of posting, is still on. “As for Liam totally breaking things off, that hasn’t happened,” a source  told the entertainment news site. “There is strain but they both know that they have to work to make it work. It is not over yet.”

Cyrus, the source insists, is determined to make the “Hunger Games” actor her husband “no mater what.” The singer also reportedly “promised to do whatever it takes to get him back.”

In a separate report, Hollywood Life dished out the details of the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s alleged “sexting” scandal. “Miley accidentally sent a sext that was clearly meant for [ex] Stella Maxwell to Liam,” a source told the entertainment news site. “She immediately apologized. Miley also admitted to meeting up with Stella, but she swore to Liam that it was just innocent flirting. Liam didn’t believe her [and they] fought.” Maxwell is the Victoria’s Secret model Cyrus dated early last year.

Inquisitr previously reported that Cyrus and Hemsworth were merely “going through the motions” when it came to their relationship. “It is not a perfect relationship but it still is a relationship,” a source is quoted as saying. “They get into fights…But they are really being careful to make it work this time. It is a process they definitely want to succeed with.” They both reportedly admitted they still had “a lot of work to do to make things great” between them.

Cyrus and Hemsworth reportedly rekindled their relationship early this year. They were previously engaged in 2012, but broke up a year later. The couple first met in 2009.

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