Did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth secretly wed in Australia? News of a wedding in December came up after the singer’s Instagram pic showed her wearing the engagement ring the actor gave her in May 2012.

HollywoodLife cited news from Life & Style Magazine that reported the Cyrus-Hemsworth nuptials.

HollywoodLife quoted the magazine’s source, “[They] have told close friends that they’re already married. It was spur-of-the-moment. Now they both refer to each other as ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband.’”

The source further revealed that the impulsive move was the idea of the groom.

“He [Liam] corralled his brothers [Chris and Luke] and tipped them off that he wanted to stage a surprise ceremony during Miley’s visit,” the source added. The singer was in Australia in December to visit her fiancé.

Actress Elsa Pataky, the wife of Chris, stood as “unofficial matron of honor,” HollywoodLife revealed. The bride wore a “simple frock.”

Given the nature of the occasion, Cyrus’ family were noticeably absent at the ceremony. Despite their absence, the singer was reportedly “all-in” for the wedding.

The source further revealed, “It was very emotional. They both said a few words on the spot and then Liam asked everyone in his family to hold a candle. He and Miley lit each one, saying it represented the eternal flame of their love.”

Their wedding bands for the impromptu rite were fashioned from palm fronds. The magazine’s source added, “They [were] aiming to make it official in March.”

A separate HollywoodLife post revealed Hemsworth’s honeymoon plans for his bride.

“They’re planning a European adventure later this spring. They want to visit volcanoes in Iceland and then make their way to Paris, followed by Italy. It will be a month-long getaway,” noted the report.

To date, neither Cyrus nor Hemsworth has officially confirmed their new marital status. However, a report from Gossip Cop claims the rumoured wedding did not take place.