Monday, September 26, 2016

Miley Cyrus Dead? Truth Behind Singer’s Death Hoax Revealed

Miley Cyrus Dead? Truth Behind Singer’s Death Hoax Revealed

Facebook/Miley Cyrus


Is Miley Cyrus dead? The #RIPMileyCyrus became a top trending topic to the surprise of her fans recently. Yet the reason behind it was more shocking than the hoax.

Twitter received an onslaught of posts with the hashtag #RIPMileyCyrus last August 15. Hence, it raised concern and confusion among her fans who wondered if it was true. Fortunately, it turned out to be false. The latest hoax follows the 2008 news made-up about her allegedly death due to an accident then.

However, news of her death did not come from a death-hoax generator site. It reportedly started from K-Pop fans in retaliation to a tweet made by one of her fans. The details of the Miley Cyrus dead hoax origin are certainly complex. First, it does not involve Miley in any way. Second, the Justin Bieber and K-Pop boy group Exo drama started it all. Third, it is a clash among fans.

Prior to #RIPMileyCyrus, #exosnatchedjustinsfansparty trended. Pictures from the concerts of Justin Bieber and Exo in Tokyo posted online went viral. Apparently, the hashtag trended alongside his Instagram war with ex-Selena Gomez. The Canadian pop star and Exo performed on the same dates but at different times. However, the Instagram photos seemed to show more fans went to the K-Pop boy group’s concert. As it turns out, the photo showed the end of Justin’s concert. Fans trooped to the Exo venue afterwards.

Alas, the tiff between Beliebers and K-Pop fans dragged in the Wrecking Ball singer, when one of her fans tweeted, “K-Pop is only known in Asia.” Thus, K-Pop fandom erupted and hit back with #RIPMileyCyrus. Then again, some fans of the South Korean musical genre claimed the hashtag began with fans of Miley Cyrus yet they received the blame for it.

According to allkpop, the singer has yet to comment on the Miley Cyrus dead hoax circulating online. Then again, the following tweets seem to offer several possible reactions from her.

Would she have a heart attack or poke fun at the Miley Cyrus dead hoax?