With tablet hybrid lineup, Apple is basking in the glory of its continued success. Reports suggest that Apple gained significant market share than its close competitor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Android Origin, however, believes that the Surface Pro 4 has some more important specs and features that iPad Pro lacks. Critics have lamented that despite the Surface Pro being a professional-level hybrid workhorse, it lacks battery and its usage life is deplorable.

Several users have grumbled that the tablet drains battery regularly even though the tablet is turned off. Moreover, the Surface Pro 4 was released earlier than the iPad Pro, so some firmware and software needs immediate updates.

Meanwhile, Tech News Today says that Apple offers two versions of iPad Pro while Surface Pro 4 comes in wide variety of choices. In addition, the new Surface slate would hit the market with a number of storage, RAM and processor options. This facilitates users to get the best configuration depending on their needs. On the other hand, iPad Pro comes in the top-tier category, with a premium price tag.

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In spite of “versatility” of Surface Pro it is also seen as a disadvantage. Fox News reports that top-notch specs and features are included in the iPad Pro and offers performance at a more budget-friendly range.

Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad Pro costs just $599 and it offers best speed and performance as well as wide variety of apps. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 offers 128GB of internal storage and a base processor with a price tag of $899.

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Adding more features and storage options would make iPad Pro cost $1,079 for the 12.9-inch version along with 128GB of storage. While the premium Surface Pro 4 having intel i5 or i7 chipset would carry a price tag of $1,300 and higher.