Microsoft has embraced the cross-platform spirit with its suite of apps for both desktops and mobile devices, unifying its users accounts to give them a faster and a more convenient access. Now, the software giant wants to bolster its note-taking app, the OneNote, and thus makes a tool that allows users to import data from the popular note-taking app, Evernote.

The OneNote importer will initially be available on Windows, with the version for Mac devices to follow at a later date. The new tool will let users migrate all of their Evernote content straight into OneNote so you don’t have to transfer your data manually.

Users can now download the OneNote importer for their devices running Windows 7 or later. The software giant is trying to lure Evernote users with offline access to notes on mobile, unlimited monthly uploads, and a slew of accessibility features that come free with its platform.

“We appreciate that you’re thinking about a change to OneNote. As part of the Office family, OneNote will feel familiar from the start. And it’s 100 percent free,” reads the app description.

At this time, Evernote requires Plus or Premium membership for some of its features and it doesn’t have a free-form canvas that users can write on. Microsoft is emphasising that its features are free, which should come off as a superior advantage to those that don’t want to spend on standard productivity tools.

Both apps have their strengths and weaknesses so to speak. It’s up to you if you want to use Evernote and its capabilities in content management or use Microsoft’s OneNote platform and take advantage of the software giant’s ecosystem that’s unified across multiple of your devices.

Those who are interested in making the jump can download the OneNote importer directly from Microsoft’s website by clicking here.