While the racer isn’t expected to return to the racing scene, Michael Schumacher continues to be an icon in the sport. Schumacher’s signed 2006 Ferrari FXX is expected to fetch not lower than $2.3 million when it goes to auction later this month.

Aside from having the signature of the legendary Formula One racer, the car also belongs to the track-only models which were originally sold in the FXX program, Motor Authority noted.

Michael Schumacher signature on Ferrari FXXauctionata.com

Michael Schumacher signature on Ferrari FXX

The program, in which Ferrari VIPs spent their money to become development drivers, had a package cost of $3 million in 2006.

The Schumacher’s signed FXX 29/30 will be auctioned on Sept. 26 through Berlin-based auction house, Auctionata.

According to Auctionata’s website, the starting bidding price of the car is at € 1 million.

CarrBuzz reported that the supercar has been assessed and valued between €2 million to €2.2 million.

Since 2007, the red FXX 29/30 has been owned by a collector. It only has 1,500 miles on the clock and produces 809 horsepower.

There were only 30 cars ever built under the FXX model. One of those – the Ferrari FXX 30/30 – was built specifically for Schumacher and it was the only one in black.

The black Ferrari FXX famously appeared on BBC’s Top Gear in 2009 with Schumacher taking it for a power lap at Dunsfold Aerodrome, Motor Authority wrote.

In 2013, CarScoops and GT Spirit reported that Schumacher’s Ferrari FXX was up for sale for about $2.6 million. However, there has been no confirmation if the car has been sold.

The seven-time F1 racing legend is still in recovery from serious injuries he sustained following a skiing accident in December 2013. Schumacher has been in coma since then.

His condition remains unclear after his family declared a media blackout following false reports about his condition and continued pressure from paparazzi. Supports from fans and friends continue to outpour for Schumacher.

Nearly a year ago, his family decided to bring him home from a hospital in the French Alps.