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Michael Jackson Child Molester? Big Truths Revealed! [WATCH]

Michael Jackson Child Molester? Big Truths Revealed! [WATCH]

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A video from a 2003 raid of the Neverland Mansion appeared to show proof of guilt of the King of Pop. However, media personality Liam McEwan is speaking out for Michael Jackson to prove otherwise.

Michael Jackson remained a suspect for child molestation even years after his death. Footage from the 2003 search revealed what could be the darker side of Michael Jackson’s persona, Radar Online reported. Search warrants granted police access to the private ranch as Jackson was under investigation for charges of child abuse then.

It seemed authorities uncovered the hidden truths behind the walls of Neverland. Never-before-seen reports obtained by the publication from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department documented the raid. The investigation revealed his “twisted porn collection” of “stockpiled images of pornography, animal torture, S&M and gore,” the publication wrote.

However, there might be more to the pieces of evidence against Michael Jackson than meets the eye. New Zealand media personality Liam McEwan released a YouTube video in an attempt to separate fact from fiction. McEwan offered proof against the “negative press recently surrounding the personal life of the King of Pop.”

1. The upsetting photo of a child beauty queen with a noose around her neck.

“The photographer [Jonathan Hobin] behind this photo has come out and said that, ‘actually this photo was taken by me in 2008 so it couldn’t have been found in the 2003 raid of Michael’s property,” explained McEwan.

2. Scrutiny of another photograph with supposedly naked men also revealed the truth.

“It’s a real photograph, now notice how the media twisted and edited this photo to cover certain parts of it to make it look worse than it actually is,” McEwan said.

3. The supposed “sex closet” of Michael Jackson.

“The truth is that photos of this closet have actually been online for years. And, Michael himself took a photography crew into that room for a magazine photoshoot,” he added.

4. McEwan’s biggest revelation.

“The law enforcement officers that actually did the raid have come out now and said ‘we found no child pornography.’ The only porn they found was a Playboy and Hustler magazine, which is pretty normal for a guy to have,” McEwan remarked.

Shana Mangatal, the alleged lover of Michael Jackson, also came forward. In an exclusive interview with Radar Online, Mangatal revealed the real reason behind the accusations.

“His problem was that he couldn’t say no to anybody – especially kids. He was just so sweet and kind. He could never say no and when he finally did, parents would become upset,” she told the publication. Her tell-all book “Michael and Me: The Untold Story Of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance” hits stands on his birthday, August 29, IBTimes reported.

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    I hope you all spread the TRUTH just like you all were willing to spread the lies. Rest in peace Michael. Lord, what this man had to go through all because he was the biggest entertainer. These conartists are going have to answer to God for mistreating Michael or anyone like this.

  • BP

    The BS stories have zero evidence to prove anythihg.

    Its been more than 23 years… and the continuing conspiracy has never been able to prove anything but claims and BS tabloid stories, NO evidence but rumours.
    The two grand juries, one criminal jury, the judge, ther DA … all the people were so incompetent, right?

    You mean this fake police report that is full of BS like this by radarOFFline?


    From the blog, published – 25.9 2013
    There is a document circulated on various Internet forums (see here: prosecution motion January 28 2005) with people erroneously assuming that it showed a list of “child pornography” that the prosecution found in Michael Jackson’s home during the searches of his homes. In this article we address that document and we break down the content of that list, so that you can see what that material really is.

    It is remarkable that in Internet folklore it became a list of “child pornography”, when not even the prosecution claimed it was. It is a list of material – legal books and magazines – which were found in Jackson’s home, and as you will see, the prosecution basically took everything that had a nude person in it and tried to use it as evidence against Jackson.

    You have to keep in mind that this is a prosecution motion which is just the biased stance of one of the parties and is worded as inflammatory against the Defendant as possible and it mirrors the prosecution’s theories and opinions, not facts.

    For example, it writes on Page 5: “taken together they reveal a predominantly male orientation”. In fact, as you will see when we break down the content of this material in this article, Jackson’s actual pornography was heterosexual. The “male oriented” material are a couple of art photography books with nudity and Jackson had many art books with female nudity as well.

    The prosecution argues in the motion that Jackson’s possession of a couple of art books with nude men is evidence of homosexuality (somehow the books with nude females get ignored in that theory) but his possession of a great number of heterosexual pornography (his actual pornography) is not evidence of his sexuality but evidence of “grooming young boys”.
    The prosecution claims in the motion that Jackson used this material “to seduce young boys” in order “to satisfy his lewd desires”, but this was just a prosecution theory, not a fact. In actuality, they failed to prove this theory in Court. (Of course, homosexuality in itself would not mean pedophilia either, but this prosecution clearly tried to make a connection between the two.) That the prosecution had to heavily rely on this material reflects on their lack of real, damining evidence.

    Besides the books, magazines, Internet pornoghraphy and DVDs the above mentioned prosecution motion also mentions a photograph which they claimwas found at Neverland during the 1993 search and which they claim depicted a nude boy “believed to be Jonathan Spence” (Spence was one of Jackson’s young friends in the 1980s). As we will show later in this
    article while this mysterious piece of alleged evidence is often brought up against Jackson in Internet folklore as some major, bombshell evidence, no doubt based on this inflammatory prosecution motion, in reality the prosecution never even proved its existence, let alone it being cross-examined. It is mentioned in this one motion and never again and the prosecution never introduced any such photograph to Court.

  • BP

    Some more real FACTS not spreading by mainstream media to clarify the tabloid BS articles.

    Most of this BS story is the prosecution’s document from 2005 of the items that were seized. Most of them has nude adult women or some men. How is that evidence of pedophilia I will never know.

    They were all shown to the jury in 2005, so these are not secret either. But Radar Online has long stopped to be an independent reporter of the case. They clearly severe as a mouthpiece for Robson and his lawyers now.

    The document is weird also because it has handwritten notes on it, like prosecutor’s phone numbers.

    The original 2005 prosecution doc didn’t have these notes. Was it directly leaked to Radar Online by Robson’s lawyers for a smear fest again, because I doubt this is how a document got submitted to court? (I think Robson lawyers got the documents from law enforcement/ DA. Neverland search was the one of the first documents they asked for back in 2014. I believe Judge said they could get the Neverland search documents at the end of 2014. It seems to have some handwritten notes on it. Most interesting was “Zonen retired, wants to talk”. Given Zonen retired in 2011, I’m thinking those handwritten notes are done by
    Robson’s lawyers)

    The prosecution had a way to make innocent material out to be creepy, but it wasn’t even introduced to the court in 2005 by, it was found to be so “significant”.
    You can find all of those books on Amazon, and LOL at Radar Online blocking out the crotch area on photos from a book that
    deals with the life and artistic work of James Bidgood) that are not actually explicit, trying to imply that they are!
    All the books and inside look can be found on Amazon.

    Art photo books found in the context of a HUGE collection of all kinds of art photography books and mostly about adults are their best evidence.

    Totally legal books that anyone can buy on Amazon or a book store – and many of which are in the Library of Congress – are their best evidence. A guy who had a huge collection of art photography books and who was an avid student of art photography having such books stored in cardboard boxes along with all type of other art books is their best evidence.

    The majority of the books were found in big cardboard boxes among hundreds and thousands of art and photography books in the downstairs area of his bedroom, others were found in Jackson’s libraries, others were sent in to Jackson by photographers who had worked or were seeking to work with Jackson or had been sent in by fans, and the prosecution would admit they could not tell if Jackson had even seen or opened many of them.
    Jackson owned over a million books, much of them in storage, and there were about 10,000 books in total in the areas of Jackson’s home where the Santa Barbara police had focused their search.

    On page 7, there are pics from a book by Larry Clark.
    Problem is a book by Larry Clark was NOT found in MJ’s possession. You will not find any reference to such a book in any prosecution document. So it seems Radar is so desperate to sensationalize this that they actually needed to insert pictures from a book that was NOT found in MJ’s possession. How pathetic is that? If you have such compelling evidence from everything that was found why do you need to spice it up with pictures from books that were not found in his possession?

    Page 69 – Jackson files / research notes. Typewritten, talks about “connection between sex addiction and percocet addiction”. It has an article (actually blog post) making reference to New York Major Anthony Wiener and Ariel Castro. Ariel Castro caught and tried in 2013.Anthony Weiner scandal was between 2011-2013. Mayoral race referred in the blog post was in 2013. Edited to add: the blog post was posted in August 2013.

    In short it seems to be a note added by the Robson/Safechuck lawyers. Seems like they would try to bring the “drug addiction” to argue sex addiction as well.

    Overall…. it’s just various old documents from the prosecution in 2005 thrown together. A list of the art photo books that were found and some handwritten and Google searched lame theories by Robson’s lawyers (eg. Precocet). And Radar Online
    desperately trying to paint those art books that everyone can buy in a book store “child porn”.

    Re. Room to Play. It’s surrealistic art photography – the book is in the United States’ Library of Congress, I guess they keep “child porn”.

  • BP

    … oh, and dont forget this

  • BP

    I have seen that document before without Radar Online’s logo printed all over it.

    Looking at it in the context of the whole document all the pictures are in black and white (probably scanned) and I’m sure why genital areas that were covered were edited out.

    The scanned pics are not in the original 2005 prosecution documents and in court it were the actual books themselves that were shown.
    It’s just a low-brow tabloid being a low-brow tabloid relying on the stupidity of its core audience. They are quickly reaching Mirror and National Enquirer level with this “journalism”.

    The only annoying thing is that people are so gullible and they will believe any salacious, false headline just because the tabloids keep repeating nonsense like this about MJ.

    Thanks to this RadarOnline article talk BS about MJ like he had child porn (when not even the actual prosecution document claims that – in fact in the description of each and every one of these publications they note just the contrary: that it’s nothing illegal.
    RadarOnline took the BS to another level with the whole “child torture” and “animal sacrifice” thing.

    I am sure people are having the mental images of horrendous and tortoruse child porn, which I am sure was the goal.
    What I would like you the readers and Lynnette Guzman to KNOW is the FACTS about the father of the 1993 boy.
    The father of the boy conspired against MJ, and there is the proof of the recorded phones calls where there is clearly said the plot and plans to destroy Michael Jackson

  • alberton

    The very same pictures which Radar Online called animal torture and the police report called sexualized children, all pictures

    one artbook Room to play by Simen Johan have been in exhibitions in
    mainstream museumc, sold on Amazon and can be found in the Library of

    Simen Johan’s work has been widely exhibited internationally, and is in
    the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Cleveland Art
    Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and other major
    institutions. Johan’s first monograph, Room to Play, was published by
    Twin Palms in 2003. Born in Norway and raised in Sweden, Johan earned
    his B.F.A at the School of Visual Arts, in New York, where he currently

    When will the media call Simen Johan, Amazon, the LOC, and those museums and
    The Wall Street Journal, Slate magazine and the New Yorker all of which
    promoted Simen Johan as an artist call sick and perverted?

    MJ merely had this book among hundreds of other artbooks in a cardboard box and that makes him a monster?

    way the world treats this guy is beyond wacko. It’s like millions lose
    whatever reason logic and common sense they have when they think and
    talk about this guy.