What are the chances of a crossover between “Mission Impossible 6” (MI6) and “Edge of Tomorrow 2” from ever happening? Probably zero, but both projects have a common denominator and he is busy at work for both.

Collider scored an interview with the man himself–Christopher McQuarrie–who was responsible for directing the fifth “Mission: Impossible” film, “Rogue Nation”. McQuarrie reveals a lot about his experience directing “MI5” as well as the progress and plans for “MI6”.

It was reported early on that McQuarrie confirmed his return to direct “MI6”–making him the first director to helm two “Mission: Impossible” films.

In terms of lessons learned, McQuarrie shares that starting with a finished screenplay is a thing that he will like to carry over when working on “MI6”. Collider quotes the director in saying:

“Start with a finished screenplay [Laughs]. You know, we dove into this one with very little time and were figuring out the story as we went and it was just really an intense experience.”

However, in terms of how far along “MI6” is, McQuarrie tells Collider that he just started working on the screenplay and nothing is confirmed yet about other aspects of the film such as the casting. He debunked recent rumors that said Rebecca Ferguson is returning for the next installment yet he expressed that he would love for the actress to return to the franchise.

On the other hand, Screen Rant also relays parts of the interview that discussed the possibility of “Edge of Tomorrow 2”. McQuarrie also collaborated with Tom Cruise on this film.

The website reports that although there is no official confirmation of the film, McQuarrie admitted that a concept for a second “Edge of Tomorrow” film is in the works.

Screen Rant relays McQuarrie’s quote as follows:

“We have the idea for the sequel locked and loaded. I don’t know what I can say. I can only say it’s a going concern.”

For now, “Mission: Impossible 6” is targeted for a 2016 release date.