Australian Infrastructure and Transport Minister Darren Chester said on Thursday that the MH370 debris found this week will be sent to Australia for testing.

Two years after the crash of MH370 containing 239 people, a white chunk of metal one metre in length has been found off the coast of Mozambique that is being suspected to belong to the same missing Malaysian airline. An American adventurer along the Vilanculos coast in the Inhambane province found the debris earlier this week during his independent search of the MH370 wreckage. The piece was delivered to the Mozambican National Civil Aviation Institute on Wednesday, according to The Star.

“The debris is to be transferred to Australia where it will be examined by officials from Australia and Malaysia, as well as international specialists,” Chester confirmed in a statement. He added that the Malaysian authorities will help the Aussies in investigating the remains along with assistance from representatives of manufacturer Boeing Co. “It is too early to speculate on the origin of the debris at this stage,” Chester told the parliament.

He claimed, however, that the suspected MH370 ruins were found in a location “consistent with drift modelling” done by the Australian Safety Bureau.

Chester’s positive take on the whole matter came as a sigh of relief following the comments of Malaysia’s transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai who said on Wednesday that the debris was more likely to belong to a 777 jet, which is the same type of aircraft as MH370.

The Joint Agency Coordination Centre conducted a search operation whose report has revealed on Wednesday that four ships, including China’s Dong Hai Jiu 101, are still continuing the search for the MH370 debris. China’s Foreign Minister spokesperson Hong Lei said that he took into consideration the latest piece of debris found, which is suspected to be from MH370.

“We will closely track the development of the situation, and maintain close contact with relevant sides. We will also work with relevant countries to make great efforts to continue the search work for MH370,” he told reporters in Beijing, according to NDTV.