Thousands of Mexican people were taken aback when they found that the Atoyac River vanished overnight. Mexican authorities are trying to revive the river which dried up last week.

The Atoyac River is the sole source of water for 10,000 people in Veracruz. Apparently, a sink-hole opened in the riverbed after an earthquake rocked the area. However it is not clear how much of the river is affected by the crevasse. The river crosses eight municipalities the Central Mexico’s mountainous area, reported Mail Online.

Residents of the area reported that they heard a loud bang and felt the earth growl on Sunday night. It was only the next day that they found out what exactly happened the previous night. Local media confirmed that the crack is approximately 30 meters long and 20 meters wide.

The sink-hole opened around 1.8 miles away from the source of the river which supplies water to thousands of households. It also supplies water to the sugar plantations which provide income to many local families.

The director of Emergencies for Civil Protection, Ricardo Maza Limon, stated that the crevasse had been caused by a ‘geological fracture’.
Juana Sanchez, a local woman said, “First we realised that the taps were not running so we went to look and saw a crevasse in the riverbed where the water was vanishing instead of going its normal course.”

According to the state office of civil defence the river was inspected by experts after it ran dry. The office informed that around 50 gallons of water per second were disappearing into the sink-hole, reported The Weather Channel. The cause that created the sink-hole is still unknown. However, the office noted that the area’s limestone rock is prone to such incidents.

It also confirmed that the workers are going to dig a 100 meter long diversion canal to restore the rivers flow downstream. Maza Limon stated that they are working with National Water Commission (CONAGUA) to “carry out a scientific investigation”.

The changes in the environment also changes the lives of people living in it. Another example of this situation is Bangladesh which is facing the ill effects of climate change.