Mercury Transit to Cause Global Economical Crisis, Stock Market to Crash?

Mercury Transit

It has been reported and recorded that the world goes through an economical breakdown whenever the Mercury Transit takes place. Media reports said that change in Mercury’s position had caused the stock market to crash.

There has been bad impact on the financial and banking sector as well. Yesterday’s movement of Mercury occurred in Taurus, the sign of the bull.

According to Jessica Adams, there is an obvious link between Taurus and Wall Street, which has the famous figure of the raging bull. The bull is also linked to gold bullion and bull markets and is a prehistoric symbol of value and trade.

Just one day after the Mercury  Transit, the entire Panama Papers has been leaked online. The biggest share listing of all time has been reported and it has also become official in London.

Today's #‎MercuryTransit‬ in full from our Solar Dynamics Observatory: For more than seven hours today, Mercury was visible as a tiny black dot crossing the face of the sun. This rare event – which happens only slightly more than once a decade – is called a transit. The 2016 Mercury transit occurred on May 9th, between about 7:12 a.m. and 2:42 p.m. EDT. Transits provide a great opportunity to study the way planets and stars move in space– information that has been used throughout the ages to better understand the solar system and which still helps scientists today calibrate their instruments. Although Mercury whips around the sun every 88 days – over four times faster than Earth – the three bodies rarely align. Because Mercury orbits in a plane 7 degrees tilted from Earth’s orbit, it usually darts above or below our line of sight to the sun. As a result, a Mercury transit happens only about 13 times a century. The last one was in 2006, and the next one isn’t until 2019. Credit: NASA/SDO #nasa #space #astronomy #science #mercurytransit #solar #sun #mercury #solarsystem #planet #planets #orbit #shadow

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In Astrological science also known as Jyotish Shashtra in India, the planet Mercury represents business and finance. Any alteration in Mercury’s position is considered to have an affect the economy.

Previously, some of the Transits of Mercury had taken place on May 9, 1970, Nov. 10, 1973, Nov. 13, 1986, May 7, 2003 and Nov. 8, 2006.

According to a report made by News Nation, all of the mentioned Mercury Transit phenomena had impacted with detrimental effects on the global economy.

The Transit of Mercury, Nov. 14, 1907, is known as the 1907 Bankers’ Panic or Knickerbocker Crisis. It was a United States financial setback that resulted in Dow Jones Industrial Average bottom of 53,  recorded on Nov. 15, 1907.

Mercury controls agreements, paperwork, negotiation, declarations, contracts and all newspaper headlines. When is seems like Mercury is moving backwards it causes massive ripples on finance.

When it happens in this strange pattern with the Sun, it is called Mercury Transit. During these times, the financial disturbances are excessive.

It is said to have a dangerous effect on our economy for years into the future.

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When the transit takes place, the planet Mercury seems like a small insect which apparently moves slowly across the face of the Sun.

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