A gigantic tyre fire broke out in Melbourne’s North on Monday is now under control and will not pose health anomalies, said fire fighters on Tuesday. A fire sparked in the pile of tyres at Broadmeadows Junkyard turned out into a massive fire ball.

The fire encapsulated 70 percent of the pile, flaming almost 1,50, 000 tyres in the junkyard.

In the overnight fire battle, firefighters coped to enter into the containers lying in the middle of blaze and got over the dire strait.

More than 70 fire fighters fought the fire measuring 100m by 30m.

Andrew Zammit,  Deputy Chief Officer at Metropolitan Fire Brigade(MFB) said that the site would be under surveillance by firefighters to curb further possibilities of fire-burn off.

“We couldn’t get on top of the fire until we got to the containers inside. But there has been no smoke coming from the fire for several hours now, (and although) we’ll be there for another 24 hours after tomorrow, it will be only a watching brief.” said Zammit.

Maygar Boulevard and Park Street were closed for a while which reopened on Tuesday evening. Normal life schedule would resume in next few days after an overall ground check by authorities.

Cameron Howais, a spokesperson from Melbourne Waters, said that a set of health guidelines to deal with water contamination has been uploaded on the website. Also, several warning boards have been put nearby Jack Roper Reserve.

However, there has been a public disquiet over the toxic smoke emission from the fire, Mr. Zammit said that the pollution levels were low, MFB and EPA are digging deep to check the toxic levels in the nearby surroundings.

As there has been control over fire, smoke will remain a health concern for next few days. People have been advised to stay out of the area until the smoke fades away.