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Melbourne Moomba Riots Suspect Surrenders; Victoria Police Hunt Teens

Moomba riots

One of the three men the police have been seeking in connection with the Melbourne Moomba riots surrendered on Friday while the other two are still on the run. The police said that the youth will now be interviewed.

The Moomba riots of last month were fuelled by gangs that ran amok in the city and involved at least 100 people who spilled onto the streets surrounding Federation Square and Swanston Street.

The police on Friday released the images of the two men with alleged connection with the riots. The men were purportedly involved in a 10-person fight on March 13, shortly before the large brawl that swept the City Square the same night. The police also released a video footage that showed a 15-year-old who reportedly stole a woman’s phone at the Melbourne Central train station.

One of the teenagers whose image was released was wearing a black T-shirt with red and black checkered sleeves and had a Caucasian appearance. The second one appeared to be in the age group 17 to 20 years and of African origin, is tall and slim built and wore a red “Red Wings” jumper that had white bands at the neck, shoulders and waist.

The teenager who was involved in the robbery is also believed to be of African origin. He was wearing a black hooded jumper and black Adidas tracksuit pants.

The Mail Online reported that a number of teenagers who were arrested for taking part in the brawl said they were part of the notorious Sudanese Apex gang. The majority of the rioters who were arrested are under 18 years old. These teenagers, around 24 in number, have been charged with offences that ranged from theft, robbery, affray and riotous behaviour, Skynews reported.

“We are going through all the CCTV footage that is available to us and we will identify those responsible,” the Fairfax Media quoted Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp as saying after the riots in March. “If you were engaged in that behaviour … then I suggest you put your hand up, that you go to your local police station, or you ring the police, or we will come knocking on your door.

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