Chris Dawes of Melbourne Demon will be missing out on the first month of the AFL season due to his recent calf injury. This news comes at a crucial time when Melbourne Demon has been playing their A game, winning their two pre-season games.

Chris Dawes lead the goalkicking in 2014 but last season, he was unable to perform well due to a calf problem. He performed in only 14 games in 2015, pocketing only 11 goals. According to the AFL report, this time Dawes injured his calf during a training session last month.

“Scans have revealed a strain which he will now start to rehab, and we hope for no further hiccups from here in the build up to his return,” said Demon’s manager Josh Mahoney to Dawes hopes so too. He believes taking a month off into the rehabilitation will permanently solve the problem.

“When I did that, the physio staff were pretty keen — and I agree with their approach — just to take as much time as I need,” Dawes said. “So when I start phasing back into games through the VFL, I’m right to go and I’m well-conditioned for a good year ahead,” he added.

The 27-year-old finds this news quite hard on him, especially when his teammates are concentrating on the season while he is undergoing an arduous training to stay fit.

“Especially having won a couple of games, everyone is feeling pretty good and training sessions are short and sharp,” he said. “I’m very much locked away in the gym on my own — that isolating feeling is no fun,” said Dawes.

The forward knows feeling bad for himself won’t help him get on his feet. He is absolutely focusing on his return and continue with Melbourne Demon.

“I want us to be able to go into a game against any opposition knowing that if we play to our capabilities, then we’ll win the game,” said a hopeful Chris Dawes.