A Melbourne couple experienced parenthood once again following the death of their 11 day-old son three years ago.

After 10 years of continuous attempts to conceive, Danielle and Sean have finally welcomed their “twiblings.” The babies not only marked a new phase of life for their parents but also made Australia to have its first ever twiblings. It was only one year ago when the Melbourne couple witnessed the medical marvel by seeing their babies, Ethan and Ava, come into the world.

NewsCorp defines twiblings as a term used to refer to two children born using In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment simultaneously from sperm and eggs of the parents but carried by two different surrogates. Danielle’s best friend’s consent for surrogacy resulted in the birth of Ethan in Melbourne while Ava was born after four weeks in Thailand by a Thai surrogate. After the birth of the twiblings, Sean travelled to Thailand to obtain Ava’s Australian citizenship and to fulfil other formalities while the mother of the two remained at home to take good care of them.

However, there were unfortunate news when Ava was found to have a hole in her heart just a few days after she was born. Sean thankfully managed to get back to Australia immediately and make an appointment with a cardiologist.

The couple did not want history to repeat itself and feared losing Ava, recalling how they lost their 11 day-old son, Aidan. After several IVF treatments and miscarriages, Aidan came into the world but he suffered from severe bowel infection. Hence, his parents decided to switch off his life support system.

The complete story of the couple from the birth of Aidan after so many hurdles to the successful treatment of daughter Ava to every single path in their journey has been documented in the Nine Network program, “The Embassy.”