Meat Loaf collapsed during a stage performance in Canada. The singer was rushed to hospital, while the condition is still unknown.

The rock singer is best known for Bat Out Of Hell trilogy of albums. Reports of his illness have been around. His performance at the Jubilee Monday was postponed due to illness, according to his Facebook page.

“Due to illness, tonight’s Meat Loaf show at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary has been postponed,” the post said. “Ticketholders are asked to hold onto their tickets until further information is available.”

However, his arrival in Edmonton was announced a few hours back. His fans the same post to describe how they feel about the singer collapsing on stage.

“Just got word from multiple concert goers that Meat Loaf collapsed on stage. Attendees were asked to leave the Jubilee,” Darrin Granger wrote. “Our thoughts are with Meatloaf!”

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According to one of the users, the singer has started responding. “The hospital have said a fainting spell .. he was responding, recovering, able to communicate,” Caryl Burton wrote.

Meat Loaf was performing the 1993 song “I Would Do Anything For Love,” when he collapsed. It was the last part of his concert. Edmonton fire service rushed to the scene. Alberta Health Service took the singer to hospital, Huffington Post reported.

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Some fans wondered if the singer pushed it too far at the concert. “Hopefully you didn’t push it too far tonight… Take care of yourself and don’t push yourself so hard!” Maria Lovallo wrote. “We need you to stick around much much longer.

According to Dan Wahlers, the 68-year-old singer “collapsed a couple years ago in Pittsburgh, and then after a show in New Jersey.”

Here’s wishing a speedy recovery for the legendary singer. What do you think of the chances of his recovery?