UFC President Dana White and boxing icon Roy Jones, Jr. think that there is no way Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are going to fight each other soon. This is despite Mayweather’s plan to come out of his retirement to fight McGregor and the latter’s ways of playing along.

Not so long ago, the bad boy of UFC caused a stir on social media by posting that he is “retired”. As it turned out, the fighter was removed from UFC 200 and his fight against Nate Diaz did not happen. McGregor’s removal, as confirmed by White, was due to his inability to accomplish promotional duties that came along with the fight.

Despite McGregor’s willingness to continue the fight, the UFC was not contented with the fighter’s promise to attend the event’s press conference. This left the fighter with nothing to do even with his rigorous training in Iceland.

McGregor then suggested through social media his supposed fight with Mayweather. The boxing superstar responded by saying he’s willing to come out of retirement.

Aside from White saying this fight is not going to happen, former Olympian and boxing champion Roy Jones, Jr. said that there would be too much red tape involved for the fight to happen. Fox Sports says that Jones also thinks that Mayweather would easily crush any MMA fighter that will fight against him.

In Boxing Scene, Jones said that the UFC may allow McGregor to do outrageous things but because the organization will see that this is absurd, the fight will never happen.

Roy Jones, Jr. believes that no MMA player will beat Mayweather in the boxing ring so there is no point in even talking about the match. He added that boxers control their careers while MMA fighters will fight anybody that their promotion will allow. MMA fighters do not have control of their fights and they can’t just “go out and make that crossover like a boxer could.