“MasterChef” US season 7’s premiere is almost here!  What makes the news more interesting is that it’s  a baby who  replaces  the veteran  judge Chef Gordon Ramsay on the show.  The mini look-alike of Gordon  is assumed to be his son by a Twitter user. Before fans start expressing their outrage, here is the biggest revelation.  The statement mentioned above is not real; it’s a mere joke following a series of Twitter chit-chat.

The news spread like wildfire on Twitter when a mother named Claire Dempster from Wales in the UK posted a picture of her baby Arlo-Blue, who resembles the 49-year-old celeb chef Gordon Ramsay. She teased Ramsay on the post, writing the following:

“@GordonRamsay this is our baba – have you been in Wales for any reason around 10 months ago.”

Dempster’s tweet promptly received almost 4,700 likes.  Even the chef himself learned about it soon by word of mouth. He responded with a sporting spirit on his personal Twitter account with “Yes about 11 months ago.”

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The award-winning British chef’s ill temper and tendency are as popular as his cooking prowess.  However, in real life, he appeared to be a ‘fans’ man’.

He then posted a series of tweets about the baby, commenting, “I feel sorry for the baby!!!!” He continued, “Poor kid.” The mother replied, “@GordonRamsay he’ll grow out [of] it. [A]ll good fun.

We would like to shed a little light on the chef’s personal life here. The “MasterChef US” host, judge and executive producer is married to Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson, a school teacher, since 1996. They have five children, including Matilda, who has become a celebrity in her own right and has bagged a cooking show, International Business Times reports.

Apart from joking about his tiny doppelganger, these days Ramsay is preoccupied in the promotion of the latest season of “MasterChef US.” In a sneak peek that he uploaded on his Facebook page, he communicates that the show is going big on Season 7. “We’ve increased the intensity,” he reveals. “The level of talent is extraordinary. This year more than ever, they’re more tenacious, they’re much better, they scrutinize the programs, and they know the challenges ahead of them.”

Gordon Ramsay will be judging a new set of home cooks together with Christine Tosi, who was introduced in the reality show in the earlier season. Graham Elliot quit “MasterChef US” season 6 following Joe Bastianich’s departure. In the video, Tosi conveys that the third judge this season is going to be quite a change from their chef friends.

“MasterChef US” Season 7 premieres on Fox on June 1.