‘MasterChef’ Season 6 US: Who Wins Mystery Box? Tag Team Challenge & More!

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“MasterChef” Season 6 US  fans awaiting to know what happens on episode 15, “A Storm’s a Brewing,” are in for many surprises. With only 7 contestants to go , the competition is more heated. The episode will feature the dreaded tag team challenge which will eliminate at least one contestant.

TV Guide revealed that the next Mystery Box ingredient will be coffee with which contestants are expected to come up with a stellar dish. The winner of the challenge will be safe from the tag-team elimination, leaving three teams of two to perform during the challenge.

As pointed out by International Business Times, the promo aired for the episode shows that Nick could likely be the winner of the Mystery Box challenge. He isn’t seen in any of the shots of the elimination round.

Notably, rivals Derrick and Stephen are put together in one team and from the picture posted on Twitter, it appears that the two have possibly had clashes during the round.

The winner of the Mystery Box Challenge, Nick, may also have something to do with assigning preparations for the platters.

We also know that Tommy and Katrina as well as Claudia and Hetal are the remaining two teams who participate in the challenge.

Tommy and Katrina had a clash in the previous episode, however, in the upcoming episode of “MasterChef” he is seen comforting the clearly stressed Katrina.

With these teams on the challenge, it will be interesting to see who bids good-bye and how the judges will arrive at the decision to send one cook home.

Fans can catch the “MasterChef US” episode 15, “A Storm’s a Brewing,” on Wednesday August 19 on FOX at 8:00 pm EDT

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