“Masterchef Australia” Season 7 is now down to the final four – Billie McKay, Georgia Barnes, Jessica Arnott, and Reynold Poernomo.

Sara Oteri has been eliminated after a face off challenge against Jessica and Reynold during Sunday night’s episode.

Know more about your favorite contenders as they continue to face challenges at the kitchen of the hit cooking reality show.

Pop Sugar did a Q&A with the contestants and they revealed a lot about the show and themselves.

What has been your highlight during the competition so far?

Georgia: All of the amazing people we’ve met! Marco Pierre White, Rick Stein, Maggie Beer, Guillaume Brahimi, Darren Purchese, Heston!

What looks easy on TV but is totally different in real life?

Billie: The pressure in that kitchen is truly tremendous. Having watched past series myself, I didn’t think that the pressure would be so intense but after experiencing it myself now, it’s safe to say it’s so much more crazy and intense than it looks!

What has been the most surprising thing about living with so many fellow foodies?

Georgia: Our dinners are AMAZING! We haven’t had a bad meal in the house. I guess I hadn’t thought about that before that before joining the competition, but you rarely see meat and three veg on the table. It’s always exotic and delicious!

What have you missed the most from the real world, aside from family and friends?

Jessica: I missed getting dressed up and going out for dinner and cocktails and putting on a pair of heels and visiting my friend’s bars with my boyfriend. I can’t wait to have a night out when I get home!

Aside from yourself, who would you like to see win, and why?

Reynold: Billie or Georgia. Billie — she’s smart and a talented cook also. She remains humble with a good food dream and has great potential in pursing hospitality. Georgia — She’s kind, humble and a clever cook. She is very passionate with food and willing to tackle anything.

If you win, what are your plans for the money/prize?

Billie: I have always wanted to own my own restaurant outside of the big cities. I’m passionate about the country and I want to ultimately have a bit of land around my restaurant to farm my own produce. So winning the title of MasterChef 2015 would certainly help me on the way to do that!