Nigella Week has started on “MasterChef Australia.” Yesterday’s episode saw the domestic goddess nudging the contestants to do their best even if it meant turning on the charm quotient.

The acclaimed chef revealed that she was ready to taste the great food made in MasterChef kitchens and hence was “wearing something stretchy.” Lawson was sporting a sexy maroon dress that gave away her curves, informs Express UK. “MasterChef Australia” contestants too appeared dazzled by the mere presence of the flavour goddess. So what does it take to impress Lawson?

“I want flavours that are bold but not tricksy. I want food that is made to give pleasure, not to impress,” revealed Lawson.

Lawson unleashed her charms on Matt Sinclair, who had his hands full working with her favourite ingredients. Sinclair could not stop blushing when she said she liked his floral shirt, states Daily Mail. “I like a man in a flower T-shirt,” she said.

Contestant Heather Day won the mystery box with her open filo pumpkin pie. Lawson loved her flavours and textures. “A rather big mouthful, but never mind. It never stopped me before,” said Lawson. “I think the contrast of textures is fantastic. But more than that, I love the flavours. The smokiness and subtlety means that you keep wanting to go back in for more,” she added.

For the ‘Divine Indulgences’ invention test, Day was faced with lemons, pistachios and the one she chose—chocolates. However, it was Mimi Baines’ salted chocolate tart with beetroot sorbet that blew the chef away. “I just adore these flavours. This is absolutely heavenly,” said Lawson.

Yahoo News reveals that the Nigella Week is going to be tough for contestants. This week, some of the “MasterChef Australia” contestants will be woken up in the middle of the night. They will be tasked to create a midnight snack for Nigella Lawson and Matt Preston using whatever is available in the fridge and pantry. In another challenge, they will have to cook for thousands of people in an effort to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.