The latest episode of “MasterChef Australia” saw Nidhi Mahajan being eliminated yesterday. Her cooking did not impress the judges this time and she had to leave the competition.

“This is my first elimination and I’m feeling a bit nervous about it,” revealed Nidhi Mahajan at the start of the episode. In the first round, the contestants were tasked to prepare a raw dish. Heat should not be used with the ingredients. However, there was a twist. The contestants had to use the same ingredients that were already cooked in the eliminations between bottom three. Mahajan chose to make a grated cauliflower salad in the round one cook off.

However, her cauliflower salad with goat’s cheese and almonds dish failed to impress the judges. Sunshine Coast Daily informs that the curry queen had to say goodbye to the competition as her under-cooked, soggy potatoes bhajis and her not-so-crunchy batter did not impress the judges.

Mahajan maintains that her “MasterChef Australia” experience was the most positive one, states Popsugar. “In general, the competition was good. Everybody’s got their own strengths and capabilities,” said Mahajan. “I think the competition was a very positive one for me — everyone supported everybody, the judges were so supportive and they shared their knowledge, tips and tricks with us, which made our cooking experience much better. It was certainly an experience for me,” she added.

After “MasterChef Australia,” Mahajan plans to start her catering business called Nidz Kitchen. The eliminations have not made a dent to the curry queen’s food dreams, states She hopes to juggle between her job and her own home chef and take away business. “If I have eight hours in the call centre, the other eight hours goes to food,” said the bubbly contestant.

“With my husband, I’ll be opening a business where I will come to people’s houses and taking over their kitchens and they will be the guest at their own dinner and can enjoy the party with their friends. We can decide a menu and then I’ll be serving them the way you do in a restaurant, but at home,” she added.