In a nail-biting episode of “MasterChef Australia,” contestants had to work with a viewers’ choice mystery box. Having aced the challenge, this season’s dessert queen Karmen Lu reached the Top 3. However, a custard-failure later dropped her to the bottom.

This was the first time that “MasterChef Australia” viewers had their say in the mystery box ingredients. The Sunday episode kick-started with a box that consisted of cauliflower, okra, beef mince, arrow squid, coconut, lemon myrtle, maple syrup and goat’s cheese.

“We want to see some clever combinations,” was Gary Mehigan’s brief to the class. West Australian Karmen Lu quickly made up her mind to make a dessert with a combination of the ingredients. “I’m known as the dessert specialist so I really want to make a dessert today and play to my strengths,” said the Lu.

Her dish was a maple crumbed lemon myrtle parfait with goat’s cheese sponge with maple caramel. When it came to the judges, they were already sold on the presentation and the consistency of the parfait. “What a beautiful dessert!” exclaimed Matt Preston.

“You know, because the flavour of the lemon myrtle just wafts across the whole thing. There is enough parfait to balance the amount of crumb, the amount of sponge. I think you have done a beautiful job, Karmen,” he added.

Later, the contestants were tasked with cooking with marmalade in the invention test. “I feel like I’m on a roll now. Being in elimination will be the worst thing in the world. I really, really have to push myself today,” said Lu. “It’s an invention test today so I want to be inventive,” she added.

She decided to make a ginger marmalade custard with ginger crumb and a joconde sponge. However, disaster struck when the custard did not set, leaving Lu with no plan B.

By the end of the episode, Lu had moved to the bottom 3. Lu’s shocking slide to the bottom 3 came after Matt’s. Last week saw Matt being pushed into an elimination round with Cecilia, Adam, and Harry, states Australian Women’s Weekly. Let’s hope she redeems herself today in the pressure test.

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