MasterChef Australia 2015 Finale: Who Will Win? Billie McKay & Georgia Barnes Go Head-to-Head

Billie McKay and Georgia Barnes will go head-to-head in the “MasterChef Australia” 2015 finals tonight.

The two grabbed the spots for the grand finals after Jessica Arnott was eliminated during Sunday’s episode. The semi-finals task was to serve 23 main dishes and 23 desserts in just over an hour, with only four hours of preparation time.

The Daily Mail wrote Jessica’s Pork Belly with Crackling, Smoked Yogurt and Quince was judges Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston’s favorite main dish. However, the bartender from Perth has been eliminated from the “MasterChef” kitchen after serving a Heston Blumenthal-style dessert with a twist. Jessica’s dessert of a White Chocolate Dome with Grapefruit sorbet and popcorn sponge has proved to be too far for the judges’ taste buds.

Georgia’s dessert, on the other hand, received praises from the judges.

The 27-year-old contestant served a Mango Sorbet with Vanilla Yoghurt Parfait with Macadamia and Chilli Praline, garnished with Chilli Salt, which made the judges speechless, the Daily Mail said.

“This is my favorite dessert! I love it cause I’ve got creamy, icy, it’s got crunch in it, it’s sweet, a bit of chilli,” judge George Calombaris said.

Georgia served up a Cured Ocean Trout with Flavors of Cucumber and Apple for her main dish.

Meanwhile, Billie prepared an old favorite roast lamb using two cuts and served with confit garlic cream and mint pea puree, reported.

The Daily Mail said Billie’s combination of lamb strap and lamb shanks with pea and mint puree with a garlic cream impressed Chef George, who called the dish his “favorite savory dish” of the night. 

For her dessert, Billie prepared a “spider” dessert which featured dill ice cream, rhubarb and champagne fizz, with macadamia praline, apple granita and more rhubarb, wrote

“Both your dishes were free of negatives and that is why you are in tomorrow’s grand finale,” Calombaris told Billie.

The all-female “MasterChef Australia” Grand Final airs Monday 7.30pm on Network Ten.

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