Monday, September 26, 2016

Massive NRL Cheating Exposed: Parramatta Eels, Manly Sea Eagles Fixed Matches?

Massive NRL Cheating Exposed: Parramatta Eels, Manly Sea Eagles Fixed Matches?



The NSW police is investigating 2 matches following the National Rugby League (NRL) cheating allegations. The state’s Organised Crime Squad is examining the two matches. The matches under scrutiny are last year’s Manly v Souths round 16 and Manly v Parramatta round 24. In both matches Manly lost by 20-8 and 20-16 respectively.

A police spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph, “The Organised Crime Squad is in the early stages of examining information to alleged match fixing in the NRL. No further comment is appropriate at this stage.”

In  a press release, NRL responded to the news on Thursday. It stated that it is fully cooperating with the investigation on match-fixing accusations. NRL spokesperson confirmed that the organization is treating it as a matter of concern and is ready to take action “to protect the integrity of the game”.

It is yet another blow to Parramatta Eels as they were already surrounded by controversy.  Last week, Corey Norman received a warning for consorting with criminals.  The controversy was triggered by a photo which featured Norman with his teammate Junior Paulo and Penrith Panthers star James Segeyaro dining with former bikies boss Paulie Younan and money launderer and fraudster Rafat Alameddine, as reported by

After issuing the warning NRL CEO Todd Greenberg said that the players should take the warning seriously as it was issued under section 93X of the Organised Crime Squad.

Greenberg further stated, “This reflects poorly on the players involved and is a bad look for the game. I would expect those who have received warnings to take them very seriously. The penalties for ignoring a warning are severe and we fully support the police in the action they have taken.”

There is a possibility that the warning for consorting with criminals would be issued for more NRL players as police are concerned with underworld figures involvement in match fixing.

Detective Inspector Wayne Walpole, in charge of the state’s charter against organized crime infiltrating sport, said, “I’m not saying corruption or match fixing has happened, but I’m saying the infiltration is there and that infiltration can lead to the compromise of the sports of the athlete”

  • Uh, No…

    Where is it mentioned that Parramatta fixed matches? If uneducated guesses are being made here, with Manly the common denominator, wouldn’t it make sense to say they are the ones rorting the game? And what has been ‘exposed’? So far it is just initial investigations with no hard evidence produced. Can clearly spot your love of fiction here…

  • Derek Hynd

    Being at the Round 24 match in which drizzle pre match played a bit of havoc with the plans of a team that had to thrash Parra to slip into the 8, my observation after years of going to Brookie was that the team was generally ‘off’ despite the greasy conditions. More to the point, Manly kept leaving its right wing exposed. I was in the crowd friendly area at the base of the posts Northern end – I remember thinking that it wasn’t a professional thing to do – when it Big Sammy Rad scored once like this in a canter at the north western corner it was a really bad tactical read on Manly’s part. When it happened twice, well, it looked suss. Not saying the fix was in, but I am saying that most of the match seemed right out of whack. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bulk of Manly fans who were there would agree.