Marvel’s Luke Cage is coming to Netflix! For that, here are some important secrets for the readers to know.

Marvel has created a lot of Superheroes, in all walks of life, for us to look up to. They have been successful in capturing the hearts of the public by creating Spiderman, The Avengers, Doctor Strange, to mention a few.

But the arrival of the new savior could bring excitement to fans out there. On September 30, Marvel will unleash Luke Cage, who is also known as Power Man.

While the name might not ring a bell for some, avid Marvel fans know that Archie Goodwin, John Romita, Sr. and George Tuska collaborated for his creation. According to his IMDb page, he was imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit.

Unexpectedly, he gains superpowers in the form of unbreakable skin and superhuman strength.

Now, Netflix gave the opportunity to the superhero by having his own flick. Vox enumerated 5 of the show’s secrets that the readers would like to know.

Watchers should look out for Misty Knight

The series will also feature another character, Misty Knight. Actress Simone Missick gives life to it but there is more about the heroine that is interesting.

According to the website, she is one of the few good cops left and will approach Cage’s case in a different, but effective way. She might not be as strong as the lead star, but that makes her more interesting. What could she offer to the fans?

Luke Cage is “grim and serious” compared to the teaser

Netflix introduced the bullet-proof character in a catchy way, with some hip-hop music. However, it appears that Marvel’s Luke Cage is more serious and formidable than we thought.

Mike Colter’s superb performance

The man behind the superhero character has a real talent, Vox claimed. It appears that Colter absorbed the fundamentals of being Luke Cage- he that “feels human but is also someone you want to believe in.”

Meaningful quiet times to look out for

Of course, the audience is expecting amazing fight scenes for a superhero TV show such as this. But the upcoming series would bring excitement to the fans not just by the fight scenes, but because of Luke Cage’s more human form. That includes some sensible conversation to other characters, that’s where the magic is, according to the website.

Twisted Finale

Like what we expect for Marvel’s Luke Cage, the show might bring a different perspective when it comes to the end. The show will have seven episodes.

Watch the trailer below: