‘Married at First Sight’ Australia Cast Gay Couples; Season 3 in US Renewed?

“Married at First Sight” has been a huge hit worldwide, but it seems two countries are approaching the new TV series differently. Australia is trying to be inclusive, while the United States may end the show after several failed relationships.

The casting agency for the Australian version of the reality show has confirmed that they are opening their doors for gay couples. On the application questionnaires for its 2016 season, a gender preference for a partner was added.

“They have a discreet question under the Partner section that asks the gender of their preferred partner, male or female. That gives them the option at least, to determine if they’ll make that statement in the show,” a Castasugar agency spokesperson told TV Tonight.

While Australia has not legalized gay marriage in the country, the Channel Nine hit holds “commitment ceremonies” rather than legal weddings, so there shouldn’t be any issues, the site added.

As for the US counterpart. “Married at First Sight” season 3 may have already been axed by FYI. According to Master Herald, the show will not be renewed partly because all couples in season 2 have parted ways. The site added that producers are having second thoughts about the show and whether a social experiment like this should still be aired on TV.

“Now that all experimental couples headed straight to splitsville in the past season, the show is left in the guessing game of renewal or cancellation,” the site concluded.

Aside from Australia and US, fans from UK also received their first share of “Married at First Sight” as the series premieres today at 9pm (local time) on Channel 4.

“Married at First Sight” follows the lives of strangers who volunteered to marry someone they’ve never met before. The pairs have been carefully selected by a panel of experts for the best compatibility.

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