“Married at First Sight” bride Clare Verrall has revealed that she has a secret admirer.

Verrall received a dozen long-stemmed  roses during her stay in the hospital where she underwent surgery for a broken wrist.The roses came with a cryptic message to “’With a dinner set full of plates in your wrist, here’s some flowers to help you smile. Because as everyone knows, a simple smile is the world’s best pain relief.” The card was simply signed: “Secret admirer”

True enough, the flowers made the “Married at First Sight” star day and she admitted that it was her first time to received long-stemmed red roses.

Just had a box of a dozen red roses delivered from a ‘secret admirer’. I’ve never had long stem red roses delivered to me in my life & they are so incredibly beautiful!!!! Loved the card as well. Secret admirer whoever you are, thank you so very much. So kind of you & it absolutely made my day. Especially since I was meant to go home today but am nowhere another night when I just want my own bed &@dutchy_vonspoonalot cuddles.#Kindness #secretadmirer #DayMADE#Thankyousomuch #Roses #beautiful.”

Although Verral’s secret admirer has not revealed himself yet, fans speculated that it could be ex-husband Jono Pitman or her crush Chris Brown, the veterinarian and not the singer, Mail Online reported.

Clare Verrall developed a crush on the hunky celebrity vet after the pair met at a “Dog Lover’s Show” over the weekend, and the “Married at First Sight” star took to Instagram to share a selfie of the pair together.

Preeeeeeetty sure I've found the absolutely perfect husband number two, no 'experts' required 😍 @drchrisbrown 🙊 #DrChrisBrown

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Verrall earlier told The Telegraph that she was “disappointed” with the show’s choice to pair her with Pitman.

The reality TV star found herself in the hospital after she slipped on a piece of ice on a night out with fellow bride Erin Bateman and broke her wrist. Verral was having a great time with Erin in Melbourne when she suffered a dance floor stack after she slipped on ice.