“Married at First Sight” Season 3 ended on a dramatic note. The fans saw some couples chose to divorce their respective partners after the FYI channel reality series concluded. On the contrary, there were couples like Simon and Xavier who found their soulmates.  Among all the pairs on “Married At First Sight,”this couple looked the most comfortable with each other.

Recently, the beautiful make-up artist has somehow hinted that this on-screen fake marriage might have lead to a “real life happily-ever-after story.”



Twenty-nine-year-old Simone expressed her happiness of being on “Marriage At First Sight” in an interview with News.

“I think my husband and I are compatible on many, many levels and let me just say I’m very happy with the outcome,” she said. “It’s a really nice story, I’m really happy with the story. I just hope that when viewers watch it, particularly women that they can relate to my emotional journey.”

Simone was pretty skeptical about Xavier when she met him initially on the show, despite the pair getting along famously on their wedding day. He was not what she was looking for as her potential partner.

She openly admitted, “When I saw him, I instantly thought, ‘I don’t know if this is the right guy for me.’ And when my husband told me he was a few years younger than me, it was a bit of a shock and it probably took me a few days to get over it.”

Simone has been single for four years after her last partner cheated on her. But to her surprise, the new couple (Simon and Xavier) very quickly gelled.

“Within 24 hours Xavier and I were so comfortable with each other, we talked about how we grew up and what our families were like, I’d met his family at the wedding and we clicked instantly, it was just so easy. Within 24 hours we were mucking around and having fun, it just felt really, really comfortable,” Simon stated while trying not to give too much away to News.

The controversial TV reality show has also brought Simone a fair share of criticism, but she says she had given ‘the concept of marrying a complete stranger’ a very careful thought and proceeded accordingly.

So did “Marriage At First sight” do a good job of matchmaking? Will Simone and Xavier live happily-ever-after?

Only the coming time shall answer all these questions.