Australia’s hit reality show Married at First Sight is gearing up for the next season and plans are already in motion. Sources say the show could feature a same-sex couple in response to the flak the show received in Season 3 for including straight couples only.

While gay marriage is not legal in Australia,same-sex couples will not break any law by joining Married at First Sight wherein the marriage ceremony is merely symbolic and not legally binding.

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“The couples don’t legally marry, because you can’t legally marry at first sight in Australia. So I think that we have the ability to get anyone and everyone on this show,” said John Aiken, the show’s resident psychologist. “There have certainly been moves for the upcoming series to get gay couples on the show. The idea of expanding it out and getting different sorts of couples is certainly exciting.”

Contestant Clare Verrall stated that she agreed to join Married at First Sight Season 3 after producers told her that they were “very keen to have a gay couple on our season.” “That didn’t end up being the case this season which was disappointing,” Verrall said, as quoted by Verrall was matched with Jono Pitman in the third season.

According to, Andrew Backwell, managing director of programming and production at Channel Nine, said the show plans to send a gay couple to New Zealand for Married at First Sight Season 4. Same-sex marriage is legal in New Zealand.

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The show follows four couples’ journeys after their weddings. The program highlights the issues that arise during the first few weeks of marriage. The couples will then decide if they will choose to stay with one another or part ways.

Married at First Sight will resume its broadcast on April 27 on Channel Nine.