Reality show “Married At First Sight” contestant Christie Jordee recently opened up to the world about the life decision that she took during the post-finale episode of the show. Jordee has even created a blog to slam haters for criticizing her choices.

The beautiful brunette wrote on Instagram:

“Never expected to do this out of the show but I was shocked how strong men and women loved me and others judged my decisions in life- eg I was hammered by the fact I was single at my age, that I (the woman) should drop everything I worked for and make the move ! Really? It’s 2016, why should it be the woman- heard of compromise. So it has encouraged me to start a blog on relationships and lifestyle balance.”

She also posted an image along with her post to give everyone an idea of how her blog will look like.

“I’m not saying I’m an expert but I don’t apologize for my decisions in life. I’m happy, and that is what it should be about. let’s get talking, so hard for women today wearing so many different hats, we should support each other not bring each other down.”

Christie further added the above, as reported by the Daily Telegraph. The 39-year-old businesswoman from Sydney has been attacked morally by the audience because she chose to continue with her long established lifestyle at the end of the show instead of moving to her Victoria-based TV show husband Mark’s farm life.

Although initially on “Married at First Sight”, the pair showed quite a few hesitations towards the (TV) marriage, with time, Mark and Christie Jordee fell in love with each other. In fact, the ‘businesswoman-farmer’ had no qualms of showing it off.

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The best part about them is that they never miscommunicated about their future plans. Both of them have long established steady lives in their respected fields, and Christie always seemed to be in two minds about relocating. When these two were asked about the future of their relationship, she expressed:

“We’re still negotiating, because I have a business and he’s starting his business with the farm. It’s scary to just sell up everything, what if it doesn’t work, then one of us is left with nothing. I worked hard for where I am today, I can’t just let it go.”

We believe the upcoming blog of this independent female reality star will unveil many more chapters of this TV marriage.