Thursday, September 29, 2016

Marijuana in Australia: Govt Hushing up Facts?

Marijuana in Australia: Govt Hushing up Facts?



Marijuana addiction is something that people right swipe when they relate it to drug addiction. It is being puffed until people reach a saturation point or maybe beyond that. As government hushed up facts it comes out that Australians are living under a misapprehension that cannabis is not addictive.

National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre researched that Australians are secretly struggling with cannabis addiction. And they are becoming dependent. reports that the cannabis addiction has encapsulated more than 200,000 Australians.

Professor Jan Copeland, National Cannabis Prevention Information Centre director, revealed in 2010 that 70 percent of the people between 20 to 29 years of age tried to smoke cannabis. And more than 750,000 Australians were smoking it every week.

In a survey, as a conservative estimate, half of the individuals smoked five grams of marijuana in a week, with other half considered it “not an addictive drug”.

“Our survey reinforced the fact that heavy cannabis use and addiction are very real issues in Australia, and they currently don’t get the recognition they deserve in the community,” said Copeland.

“Of course, the majority of experimental and occasional cannabis users don’t go on to become dependent, just as we see with alcohol. But the misconception cannabis is a harmless, non-addictive drug means many people who need help are not getting it,” she added.

In a press release , University of Western Australia, revealed that marijuana use causes gene mutation. It changes the DNA structure and triggers serious health anomalies, which are inherited to future generations.

“Through our research we found that cancers and illnesses were likely caused by cell mutations resulting from cannabis properties having a chemical interaction with a person’s DNA,” Associate Professor Reece said.

“Even if a mother has never used cannabis in her life, the mutations passed on by a father’s sperm can cause serious and fatal illnesses in their children,” he said.

Some common problems that a cannabis puffer faces:

  • Short-term memory impairment,
  • mental health problems and respiratory disease.
  • Employment problems,
  • Financial stress and family conflict.
  • Cannabis has been part of the Australian scene at least since the 70’s. At least 2 million Ozzie’s smoke on a regular basis. The addiction the media is ignoring is prohibition. Everything in this article happened under the failed police state regime of the drug war. It totally failed to eliminate drugs from society. Prohibition has only been successful at hunting people down and giving them convictions that mark them for life and destroy their opportunities. The drug war traumatizes the community. The drug war forces a criminal culture and mental illness on the community. The drug war is a “Crime Against Humanity”.

  • Duncan20903

    Oh no! Not the fiction of merrywanna addiction!! Anything but that!!!!

  • caleb

    Lol you can get addicted to anything, next scare tactic.

    • Martha Bartha

      I used to be addicted to Weed.

      • caleb

        And I said that you can get addicted to anything so i believe that

        • Martha Bartha

          But some people like to argue that you can’t get addicted to Weed. I was. I would go through withdraw.

          • caleb

            Im not saying you can’t get addicted to weed. Sure their are withdrawals if you use it persistently, but I’ve heard many people say Meth, heroin mdma pretty much any other drugs withdrawals will make cannabis withdrawal feel like a walk in the park. That isnt from person experience but i have heard many people say it good thing you got help for it and am no logner dependant though 🙂

          • Martha Bartha

            I would get very irritable if I didn’t have it! I abused a lot of drugs but I think I was only addicted to Weed.