Netflix is all set to renew its hit TV drama “Marco Polo” for season 2 with Aussie star Remy Hii reprising his role as prince Jingim.

The Chinese-Malaysian-English origin actor was born in Queensland, Australia. Hii is best known for playing Van Tuong Nguyen in the SBS miniseries “Better Man.” The role not only garnered a heap of praises, but also earned the Silver Logie in 2014.

“It’s a very big-budget, action-heavy production requiring hundreds of actors and extras, hours and hours of physical training, fight choreography and punishing hours on set,” Hii conveyed to Joy House last year while shooting season 2. “It’s an incredibly rewarding process, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Jingim (“True Gold”) is the Chinese version of the Mongolian name Zhenjin. Prince Jingim is the legal son and successor of Kublai Khan (Yuan Dynasty), who strives to live up to the expectations of his father by sculpting himself as future “Khan of Khans.” His signature demeanor involves long hair tied in a ponytail, with strands falling across his face. His wide chic collection of traditional royal outfits are a go-to feature of his super majestic look.

Prince Jingim: Marco Polo Season 2

Prince Jingim Netflix Marco Polo season 2 First

“Marco Polo” is the small screen adaptation of the legendary explorer Marco Polo’s adventures in Kublai Khan’s court in 13th Century China. The success of the first season drove the showrunners to proceed with the second season. This time, the series was filmed in remote locations around Malaysia to depict a story-appropriate olden-era backdrop. On season 1, Netflix managed to represent an old-world drama that holds its fair share of selfish greed, treachery, sexual hush-hush and nasty rivalry, mentions News,

Fans of the series can expect it to be as engaging as its predecessor, with a gorgeously grand set, rip-roaring giant sequences and characters complementing them with utmost confidence.

John Fusco and Dan Minahan are the executive producers and showrunners for the Netflix original series. Patrick Macmanus, Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein and Elizabeth Sarnoff also joined them on board as executive producers.

The 10-episode second season of “Marco Polo” will launch globally on Netflix on July 1, 2016.