Victor Valdes is battling for his release from Manchester United. It has been tough for the Spanish Goalkeeper at his current club and Louis Van Gaal’s uncompromising management style has made things very frustrating for Victor Valdes.

From what we can gather from his recent outburst in the twitter post, the frustration has reached a peak as he sent a direct message to Luis Van Gaal.

Valdes took on the micro-blogging site to express that he is fighting to be free from the clutches of Luis Van Gaal.

The translated post reads, “To not let down those that want to see me play again is my motivation.”

“I fight to be free and to enjoy my profession.”

Attached was a picture of the goalkeeper’s hand, with the handwritten scrawl:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Things were not looking so smooth for the former Barcelona goalkeeper, as he has been asked not to train with other senior players at Manchester United.  According to Mirror UK, Valdes joined the Manchester United team back in January, and have reportedly fell on the wrong side of the United manager. He has been linked with Liverpool as well New Castle after the Fallout. He is also pushing for a free transfer but the Old Trafford club is not ready to do so.

Valdes was criticized for being unprofessional after he refused to play for the reserves last season. Relationship between the two has gone sour, since.

The Dutch coach has set very strict training guidelines for Valdes as he is not allowed to train at the club’s Carrington headquarters when Van Gaal’s team is on the training grounds. Valdes was even left out of the Team’s official photo.

Van Gaal’s strict regime and orthodox management style have often come under scrutiny after players from his own club were heard complaining about his authoritarian decree.

Metro UK reports that there is no official word from the management yet.