Nature is unpredictable and it can get as weird as hell. See how a snake survives after a guy cuts a tree log into two parts.

Published on April 20, the video has gone viral and is breaking the internet right now with its mystery. It has been hit by nearly eight million people within just four days of it being published. The video has generated mixed reactions from all over the world because of its creepiness.

The video features a snake coming out of a tree log, which has been cut into two halves, but what is creepier is that the snake also got cut into two halves and two of its different portions are coming out from the two separate logs. “Holy fuck, it’s still moving,” says the recorder. The guy who has recorded the video was amazed. “Oh! My god,” he adds.

The two parts of the snake are seen to be moving throughout the video which runs for about one minute thirty seconds. Now that’s something not seen before.

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“This is one of those stories that no one would believe unless you had it on video,” writes one of the viewers. “I hate snakes but I actually feel terrible for this one. Like what are the chances?” writes another. “Just when you thought you found the best hiding spot,” adds another but that did not go quite well I must say. Some have even shared how they creepy they feel after watching the video. “Itchy feeling all over my body,” comments one. “I’m having nightmares to night,” writes another and it continues endlessly.

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People have also sympathised with the snake. “I feel bad for the snake,” writes one of the viewers. You really need to see it yourself to figure out how the video actually is. Share your thoughts with us.