A popular hairstyle trend known as man buns can cause hair loss and baldness according to experts.

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Man buns or top knots has been a popular hairstyle among Hollywood stars, both men and women alike, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto, as reported by Yahoo News. A Yahoo editor even admitted that, “it’s cool and it’s kind of hot.”

It’s a popular trend for men, however it is causing alarm among scientists and even school officials.

In a report by E! Online, man buns were banned in Bringham Young University in Idaho. It was against their “Honor Code” as men’s hairstyles should be “clean and neat, avoiding extreme styles of colors and trimmed above the collar leaving the ear uncovered.”

Notably, aside from banning the hair trend due to “honor codes”, dermatologists say that man buns often lead to hair loss and even baldness.

Metro News reports that the “top-knot bun” can lead to “traction alopecia,” a hair condition where there is “baldness on the forehead and temples caused by extended pulling of the hair.”

Dr. Doris Day, a dermatologist based in New York City, tell Yahoo that “longstanding pull or traction on the hair can pull the hair out and ultimately lead to permanent scarring,”

When the follicle is scarred, it won’t grow back again and leads to permanent baldness, according to Dr. Day.

E! Online notes in another report that men won’t see its effect as early as now. “It’s a bit early, they might be starting to get some thinning. As time goes on it will get worse and worse,” International Association of Trichologists director David Salinger said.

“Traction Alopecia” is not entirely new to the ears as it had been known already. “Scientists and hair health experts have been warning people to not pull their hair back so tight,” as reported on Metro News.