Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull still believes that his former counterpart Tony Abbott will support the national economic plan initiated by the coalition like any other government member would do.

He expects Abbott to support him. “Because they know that’s the way for more jobs and more growth,” Turnbull said while referring to the national economic policy that Abbott favours. According to Herald Sun, Turnbull gave these comments when asked about Abbott’s initiative to help him with the election campaign for the July 2 elections. Abbott recently posted his photo, greeting commuters belonging to his Sydney electorate at Manly Wharf.

“It’s good to be at Manly Wharf on day 1 of the Federal Election campaign,” Abbott’s post read on Instagram.

It's good to be at Manly Wharf on day 1 of the Federal Election campaign. @liberalpartynsw @liberalaus

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Since the leadership spill in September 2015 when Turnbull snatched the position from Abbott, the former hardly made any changes to the policies initiated by the latter. Despite having a majority of public support, the prime minister did not ditch the relevant policies of the former PM. According to the Huffington Post, the Turnbull government is likely to remain the Abbott government. Even if Turnbull returns to power with a declined majority, it will increase the grip of the Liberal party’s right wing on the Aussies. The Huffington Post, therefore, believes that a vote for Turnbull in the July 2 elections would be a vote for Tony Abbott.

Turnbull’s comment which indicated the budget to be for millionaires was criticised by Opposition leader Bill Shorten. As a result, Shorten’s election campaign started with two most repeated words which are “trust” and “fair.” “Trust Labor to conduct budget repair that is fair,” Shorten’s message read.

To the question asked by The Australian about the budget and economic policies being “fair,” Turnbull responded on Sunday. “Our economic plan is fair – not just to Australians today, but to the generations that will come after us,” he said.