Netflix’s reality-thriller, Making A Murderer season 2 is on the cards. Making a Murderer season 1 deals with the gripping criminal case of Steven Avery’s conviction concerning the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach. It received acclaim worldwide.

The news of the arrival of Season 2 was heard in February this year. However, nothing has started yet. Is a new way of telling the story, delaying the filming of Making a Murderer Season 2? What are the probable causes? Let’s figure out.

While Steven Avery stays behind bars, serving a life sentence for the murder of Halbach, Making Murderer documentarians Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos were justified. For their decade old painstaking work, they got six Emmy nominations.

Receiving the award, Ricciardi responded, “We’re stunned.”  Demos called these nominations  exciting as it keeps attention on the series and draws new viewers.

The most intriguing question which left to be answered – how just the legal system is?  According to Demos, they chose Steven Avery as a window into the system, someone who was wronged by the system in the mid-‘80s. 20 years later, he was stepping back into it.

It gave a chance to look over a 20-, and then a 30-year period and question a few harsh truths.   She gave a few examples like, “Have we made progress? Are our verdicts more reliable now, and if not, why not?”

According to Deadline, Demos and Ricciardi are continuing to forge on in their battle to easy answers, hoping to develop a follow-up installment to the series as events happen in real time.  Demos confirmed that the story does continue. “We are committed to finding a way to follow it, and we’ll need to explore a different way to do it this time because it is in the zeitgeist, it is in the 24-hour news cycle. So we’re looking at new ways of doing that.”

Ricciardi  considered Avery a reformer, who was attempting to change the system so that the way he was wronged by it in 1985, it would not happen again to anyone else.

While following up Avery’s freedom will be the focal point in the documentarians’ minds, their achievement with Making a Murderer worth a second watch. What originated as a complex grad school film project, especially Riccardi’s background as a former lawyer, elevated it to a new level.  However, it appears their way of exploring a way in different approach is delaying the filming of Making A Murderer Season 2.