‘Madden NFL 16’ Ratings for AFC West Teams & Roster Revealed! Denver Broncos on Top

EA Sports has finally revealed the ratings of teams and player rosters under the AFC West division, concluding its American Football Conference preview for “Madden NFL 16”. So who is the strongest contender in the division?

Denver Broncos (Team Rating 89)

After making it to the 2015 NFL Playoffs, the Broncos are at the top of the division and leading the team is Quarterback Peyton Manning (92 OVR) and Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas (93 OVR). Left Outside Linebacker also leads all OLBs in the video game with 97 OVR. Cornerbacks Chris Harris Jr. and Aqib Talib also got good ratings with 94 and 90 respectively.

Kansas City Chiefs (Team Rating 82)

Following an entire season without a touchdown reception from a WR, the Chiefs are looking to change that with the acquisition of Jeremy Maclin (88 OVR), Albert Wilson (73 OVR) and De’Anthony Thomas (73 OVR), EA Sports noted.

QB Alex Smith (84 OVR) will lead the charge with Tight End Travis Kelce (91 OVR), Halfback Jamaal Charles (94 OVR) and Fullback Anthony Sherman (95 OVR).

“LOLB Justin Houston (97 OVR) and Tamba Hali (90 OVR) are mainstay at linebacker, and arguably the best pass rush duo in football,” EA Sports noted.

San Diego Chargers (Team Rating 82)

Free Safety Eric Weddle leads the team with the highest in-game rating of 96 OVR. He also has the highest Safety rating in “Madden NFL 16” mainly because of an impressive 2014 season.

“Weddle had another terrific year in 2014 and wants to leverage that into a big, new contract. He deserves it with 84 Speed, 83 Tackle, 77 Hit Power, and 94 PREC/66 MCV/91 ZCV,” EA Sports’ Top 5 Safeties list revealed.

QB Philipp Rivers and Left Guard Orladno Franklin both have 90 OVR.

Oakland Raiders (Team Rating 74)

The Raiders rank the lowest in AFC West after suffering a meltdown last season with the second to the lowest record in 2014 NFL Regular Season (3-13-0). While it’s still early to tell whether the team will suffer another ill fate next season, expect LOLB Khalil Mack (91 OVR) to deliver. Mack seems to have the only line of 9 rating in the team, with an 82 and below average for his teammates.

EA Sports “Madden NFL 16” will drop in stores on August 25, 2015 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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