Rumors about the upcoming MacBooks possessing the Touch ID feature have been doing the rounds for some time now.

As it turns out it could quite possibly be true that Apple fans would be able to employ Touch ID in the future-generation MacBooks.

The iPhone has boasted the Touch ID spec for over two year now. It will definitely be great to see the Touch ID fingerprint sensor arriving for the MacBooks as well.

A patent filed by Apple in 2007 has now been granted and it reveals use of a fingerprint sensor on the MacBook, as shared by Patently Apple.

The published patent covers “Finger sensing apparatus using hybrid matching and associated methods,” and shows a biometric sensor on a future generation MacBook.

Additionally, the innovation could be taken ahead to the iMacs as well in the future, wherein the keyboard would come incorporated with the Touch ID feature.

As noted by Cult of Mac, Microsoft recently unveiled the new Surface Pro 4, which already has a fingerprint sensor onboard.

Naturally so, with the latest Microsoft products already being pitted as worthy competition to Apple Macbook and iPad Pro, the Cupertino-tech giant will have to up the ante.

The Touch ID has been much appreciated on the iPhone and even more so now with Apple Pay.

There is no denying that Touch ID would also be received well when it does arrive on the future MacBooks.

With the patent being published only yesterday, it doesn’t seem likely that the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air 2016 will possess the feature. Yes, Apple aficionados can rightly expect it on the future-generation MacBooks, but there is no certainty when that will happen.

Apple fans can keep coming back for more updates on the upcoming MacBook Air 2016 and Pro 2016, expected to arrive soon.