There are a lot of predictions swirling about the MacBook Pro 2016 and MacBook Air 2016 release date.

Speculations about the Apple MacBooks launching this year should have died down by now but the dwindling MacBook 2015 sales among other factors have sparked the rumors again. Furthermore, Pike’s Universum stumbled upon a new Mac code, AAPLJ951, in El Capitan, which indicates that the launch may be sooner rather than later.

The post read, “The data is identical to that of the late 2015 (iMac17,1 in the same file) so it may as well be a remnant of the new iMac, but the strange thing is that the XHCI data for the late 2015 iMac is also there, which is why I believe that this is not/was not added for the/a new iMac but another Mac.”

“And like I said earlier in the comments, there are too many USB 3 ports defined to fit on a MacBook (Pro) and Mac Mini. This and the fact that there is already support for newer graphics chips [baked] into El Capitan… is why I think that it was added for a new Mac Pro. I personally sure hope so.”

However, it seems quite unlikely that the MacBook Pro and Air 2016 models will arrive this month or the next. As rightly noted by Yibada, the iPad Pro is arriving this month and releasing any other Apple product including the MacBooks or the speculated iPad Air 3, would mean eating into the sales of the very large tablet.

To recap the rumors, MacBook Air 2016 is expected to be arriving with Intel Skylake-U chipset under its hood, and will come powered by OS X El Capitan. The device may also be sleeker than the current MacBook Air model and feature a Type-C USB port.

With the upgrades speculated to be made to the 2016 model, it may also boast of much improved battery life. Another key feature coming to the Air model could be the Force Touch technology.

MacBook Pro 2016 will also boast of similar features but will be packing in a more powerful RAM.

There has been no word from the Cupertino-tech giant about the release dates or the pricing. Fans can keep coming back for more updates on the MacBook Pro and Air 2016.