Macbook Pro 2016 to Receive Windows Apps? iPad Pro & iOS 9 Included

A number of new Windows apps will be accessible on several Apple devices.

During the recent Apple event, Microsoft was present to show off its updated Office software that could be useful in several devices of the Cupertino tech giant, PCMag noted. While its availability for the Macbook Pro 2016 is unknown, the apps will be available to several Apple platforms.

In July, Microsoft released Office 2016 for Mac for its Office 365 subscribers. RedmondMag noted the latest updates may apply to other Office 365 subscription plans, however, it is unclear from the Office announcement.

In Windows Office’s latest blog post, it listed down a number of new features that they have developed to take advantage of other Apple products — the iPad Pro, iOS 9, and Watch OS. The new features include multitasking, inking, intelligent search, wireless keyboard support, and updates on Outlook and Translator on Apple Watch.

Multi-Tasking Apps

Slide Over allows users to access a second app without leaving the first. Split View, on the other hand, allows opening and activating two apps at the same time. Using this, you can copy data from Excel to Word on one screen.


This app will make it easier for users to create documents and collaborate with multiple people. Users can markup documents that make the collaboration process natural. The new Windows app includes pens, highlighters, an easy-to-use thickness control and a new color wheel.

Intelligent Search

When using your Apple device in searching, your search results will now also include OneNote notes and Outlook email messages. The OneNote content can be typed, handwritten or scanned.

Wireless keyboard support

In the new Windows features, the Command key will show you an overview of keyboard shortcuts. For instance, you can start a new email by pressing ⌘n.


The newly-introduced Microsoft Translator for iPhone and Apple Watch will automatically show the wearer common phrases in the local language based on location and the time of day.

All updated Office apps will be available in newly unveiled iPad Pro and WatchOS 2. The new generation Apple watch is expected to be released later this month, while iPad Pro will go on sale in November.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced Office 2016 will be widely available starting Sept. 22.

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