A latest Consumer Reports Survey revealed that MacBooks continue to rule the roost, with users strongly believing that the Apple product is more reliable and offers customer satisfaction in comparison to Windows laptops.

The Consumer Reports Survey results are based on responses by 58,000 subscribers who bought their laptops between 2010 and 2015. As noted by ZDNet20 percent respondents experienced breakdown within the first three years of using Windows-based notebooks such as Acer, Lenovo, Samsung and others. While the MacBook users, on the other hand, recorded a considerably low failure rate.

ZDNet shared, “Apple, as in year’s past, has the most reliable notebooks by far – a 10 percent breakdown rate in the first 3 years – with Samsung and Gateway distant seconds at 16 percent, and the rest of the industry – including Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, Dell and Asus, at 18-19 percent.

Windows machines used more than 20 hours a week – average for Windows systems – have a higher break rate. Apple users report using their machines an average of 23 hours a week, 15 percent more. More hours, fewer breakdowns, what’s not to like?”

As noted by Digital Trends, 71 percent of MacBook users were completely satisfied in terms of reliability of the device. Quite a high figure, as opposed to 38% of Windows users who trust the reliability of notebooks from other OEMs.

In terms of reliability of Windows laptops, the list recording lowest to the highest failure rates includes: Gateway’s NV with 13% failure rate, LT at 14%, Samsung ATIV Book with 14% failure rate, followed by Lenovo ThinkPads at 15% and then Dell XPS line with 15%,  HP’s ENVY lineup with 20% failure rate and Lenovo’s Y Series at 23%.

The survey depicts that MacBooks deliver what matters most to many consumers – reliability which is seen with these laptops not breaking down soon after being purchased.

But on the contrary the experience was reversed when it came to tackling the repairing of the notebooks. If and when the MacBooks breakdown, they work out more expensive to repair as compared to Windows laptops. So, probably purchasing AppleCare when snagging a new MacBook, works for the best.