Rumours and speculations continue to abound for the MacBook Air 2016, much like every other Apple product. Earlier reports spoke of how the upcoming MacBook Air, could probably be priced as low as $899. If ever, this would be one on the cheapest MacBook ever.

There has been a list of potential release dates and specs for the laptop. Those eagerly awaiting the release of this treat from the Cupertino tech-giant, may not have to wait for long though. According to Computer World, the MacBook Air 2016 could probably be arriving as early as October or November this year. The heavy discount on the recently launched MacBook Air 2015 also hints at a new model coming soon.

However, the new 2016 offering is also rumoured to be coming out with some high-end features, and if that is the case,  Geek Snack rightly points out that the launch this year could be unlikely.

The new MacBook may come boasting of a Touch ID feature and would also be complete with the Force Touch in the trackpad, as on the MacBook Pro. The keyboard and the trackpad will otherwise remain the same.

Fans can expect improved display, lesser weight and it may even be more sleek. It will also feature a USB Type-C along with other multiple ports.

According to Geek Snack, there are reports about the 2016 model housing the fifth generation Intel Broadwell chips as its predecessor, but the 2016 notebook may come powered by a new player. More fuel from high-end chip would mean better features and that is probably why there are speculations about the Retina Display on this MacBook.

Hopefully, MacBook Air 2016 will fix everything that just wasn’t okay with its the 2015 model. Another reason why the new offering is expected to hit shelves sooner rather than later. But with contrary reports circling the web, its a game of wait and watch.