Macbook Air 2016 Release Date on November; Cheaper Than Surface Book

After the latest iPhone 6S series launch, tech aficionados are now speculating the announcement of the MacBook Air 2016 and MacBook Pro 2016.

Well, the predictions are happening for quite some time now and the more we inch closer to the end of the year the likelihood of the MacBooks arriving any time soon appear to dwindle.

There is a ray of hope for fans wanting to be introduced to the upcoming lineup sooner rather than later. As it turns out, a report on Latinos Health suggests that the MacBooks 2016 along with the iPad Air 3 could arrive as early as next month.

Again, it’s all up in the air, since the MacBooks are rumored to be embedded with the latest Intel Skylake-U processors, which are only expected to go into production during the current period – the last quarter of 2015.

And if the rumors are anything to go by, chances of the MacBooks coming out this year appear to be slim. As also, according to a report on Neurogadget, the Intel processors not yet hitting production stage as well as the recent launch of iPad Pro could be why Apple would decide on launching the MacBook Air 2016 next year.

There is also the debate on the pricing of the new MacBook Air 2016, wherein it is being rumored to be the cheapest MacBook yet with a price tag of $899 right out of the box.

However, as Neurogadget suggests, the upcoming MacBook Air 2016 could be priced at $1500, which does seem more likely than the earlier speculations.

Naturally so, the MacBook will be pitted against Microsoft’s first ever laptop the Surface Book, upon its arrival. And as it appears, the MacBook will be cheaper than the hefty price-tag on Surface Book.

There is no denying the upgrades and new additions and what the MacBook will truly offer in comparison to the Surface Book will decide how many put it in as their favorite.

But with no date to pencil in on the calendar for the MacBook launch and no word from the Cupertino-tech giant, it’s a wait and watch game now.

Fans can keep coming back for more updates on the MacBooks and to catch up on the recent rumors and speculations on the devices.

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