Macbook Air 2016 Release Date Next Week? Gaming Specs Revealed

Every Apple launch is looked forward to and so is the case with the announcement for the upcoming Macbook Air 2016. Rumors and speculations about the new MacBooks haven’t ceased and many are expecting the devices to come packing in quite a punch.

If the rumors are anything to go by, then the new Macbook Air 2016 will be receiving two major upgrades under its hood and these include the new Nvidia GPU – GeForce GTX 950 and the latest Intel Skylake-U processor.

The combination allows for some heavy-duty gaming sessions, while the new processor should ensure improved performances and longer battery life.

The new GPU form Nvidia also delivers an interesting feature – the GameStream co-op , allowing gamers online to stream their favorite titles to their friends. All of this should come embedded in a robust and a sleek form factor associated with the MacBook Air lineup.

Other new upgrades expected on the MacBook include a Retina display, Force Touch technology, a USB Type-C port and the device may just arrive with the Apple’s upcoming new OS  – X El Capitan.

Reports have also indicated wireless charging capabilities on the 2016 MacBook Air, but this information should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. Furthermore, as noted by VC Post, the MacBook will extend support for certain Microsoft application including — Office Software, specifically for the MacBook.

Another talking point about the MacBook Air 2016 has become its pricing since the upcoming device may just be one of the cheapest MacBooks right of the box. It is expected to come with a price tag of $899. While Apple hasn’t ever done this in the past and the device is also expected to be coming with some high-end features, so it does put a big question mark on its $899 pricing. However, it is being widely accepted in the rumor world that this could indeed be the case.

Also under scanner is the MacBook’s release date. While the laptop won’t be released next week or anytime this month, many reports had earlier suggested that the Air 2016 would be launched as early as this year. 

However, as had been reported by Christian Post the Syklake-U chips would be going into production only during the last quarter this year. So, awaiting fans may have to wait until early next year to witness the launch since the announcement any time this year, seems quite unlikely.

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