Macbook Air 2016 Release Date & 7 Best Specs & Features

For anyone who thought that the rumored $899 price on the upcoming Macbook Air 2016 would mean certain features being slashed out, may just be proved wrong. In fact, the new Air 2016 model speculated to be the cheapest Apple MacBook yet possibly be packing in quite a punch.

Here’s a low-down of what Apple aficionados could expect from the Macbook Air 2016:

1. Nvidia GeForce GTX 950

The rumor about the incorporation of the new Nvidia GPU – GeForce GTX 950 in the upcoming MacBook Air 2016 is doing the rounds for some time now. The MacBook Pro 2016 is also speculated to arrive embedded with the same GPU.

And with Apple’s event on Wednesday, the tech-world witnessed the company’s lean towards toward gaming. Apple may probably be keeping that up with the addition of this Nvidia chip, capable of offering GameStream co-op in the upcoming Macbooks.

2. Force Touch

The upcoming MacBook Air may also arrive with Force Touch technology in tow, giving users the seamless experience of using pressure sensitive trackpads. This would definitely be a really neat feature, probably much like the 3D Touch seen on the new iPhone 6S series.

3. Retina Display

As currently seen on the MacBook Pro models, even the up-coming MacBook may just arrive endowed with the high-end display.

4. USB Type-C

There is no confirmation on the news that the MacBook Air 2016 may feature a USB Type-C port, but rumors are rife and who knows, it may just come onboard the new MacBook and will definitely benefit users with it being accepted industry wide and coming on most upcoming devices.

5. Wireless Charging

As reported by Master Herald, the new device would probably offer wireless charging and the predictions are being made based on the inclusion of the type of processor. The website also indicated that the company has always intended providing wireless products. Fans can keep their fingers crossed for this one because who doesn’t want to live wire-free, let’s hope that Air 2016 does indeed arrive with wireless charging capabilities.

6. Intel Syklake-U

Intel recently revealed more information about the upcoming Skylake processors which are rumored to power the new MacBook Air. MacRumors noted that the new chips will ensure improved performance and longer battery life.

7. OS X El Capitan

As announced by Apple, the wait for the new OS X El Capitan may soon be over since the company is making the enhanced OS available on 30th September. It is natural that the new OS will power-up the upcoming MacBooks since according to Apple, “it takes the Mac experience to new heights.”

The Apple Macbook Air 2016 release date is a question being asked by many and there have been predictions about an October – November launch this year or an early 2016 arrival.

As it had been earlier reported by the Christian Post, the Syklake-U chips may only be going into production during the last quarter of this year, making a 2015 launch quite unlikely.

While there is no certainty with regards to its expected launch date, one thing is known for sure; if the Macbook Air 2016 does pack-in some high-end specs with an $899 price tag right out of the box, it will be giving some serious competition to those budget-friendly offerings in the market.

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