One of the biggest and extravagant spectacles takes off on a grand note. The Wrestlemania 32 is here. The most awaited event is expected to break all records in front the 80,000-capacity crowd at the AT&T Center in Dallas. Some of the biggest names have already taken the ring.   It’s now time for us to bring you live updates on the Triple H v Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon v The Undertaker fights.

You know when WWE takes the social media by storm when it posts “Prepare to be Electrified. The  Rock is live at ATT Stadium.” WWE has been trending all day with the “WrestleMania 32” hashtags and you can pitch in with your choice of words to be part of the crazy atmosphere. The notes that the atmosphere in Dallas tonight has been truly electrifying.

The WWE official site writes about Shane McMahon return to the WWE arena. He looks like a man on a mission. He definitely wants to “reclaim his place as heir to the throne” and also “take control of Monday Night Raw away from the grip of The Authority.”

The site further quotes, “However, the shrewd trump card played by his father – WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon – proved to be successful as The Undertaker defeated Shane-O-Mac in a gruelling Hell in a Cell Match on The Grandest Stage of Them All.”

Undertaker has been deadlifting 500 pounds to topple McMahon. But McMahon is set to risk it all. The “Hell in a Cell” turns out to be epic as McMahon “risks it all with a fearless leap off”.

The word finally arrives. Undertaker has taken the AT&T Center by storm and has triumphed over Shane McMahon in the “Hell in a Cell” clash.

Coming to the Triple H v Roman Reigns clash, many are touting Reigns to take charge and lead Triple H on the fighting front. Sources note that the entry of “The Rock” at the AT&T Center has raised speculations of him being part of the “Big Fight”.

Stay tuned for more updates as we bring you more live updates.