If you liked the summer horror flick starring Teresa Palmer, then you’d be delighted with the most recent news on the film. A Lights Out 2 is confirmed! It’s too early to know what’s in store for the horror sequel, but we try to gather all the possibilities for this follow up.

An exclusive report from a popular entertainment website revealed that Director David S. Sandberg returns for the follow up project. The source details how the director started out with only his resourcefulness and creativity in shaping up a narrative. Lights Out was born out of a three-minute short made by Sandberg and his wife, Lotta Losten.

Aside from Sandberg, Deadline reports that Eric Heisserer, James Wan and Lawrence Gray also comes back for Lights Out 2 with their writing and producing duties.

Lights Out 2 possibilities

1. Who will star?

Lights Out ended with the problem of Diana resolved. Hence, it’s highly possible that original actors from the movie, including Teresa Palmer and Maria Bello, won’t return for the second film. Nevertheless, if the writers think of a promising follow up to Rebecca’s story line, there’s still potential for Palmer’s return.

2. What’s the story?

The storyline of Lights Out 2 is a tricky part. Particularly, the specific nature of part one’s haunting makes little room for a follow up on that front. First, Diana’s soul in the film disintegrates. This means the figure behind the first film’s horror no longer exists. Second, even if Diana finds a way to manifest back in the land of the living, who will she haunt?

She fixated on Sophie because they had a connection when they were younger. Hence, Sophie’s death would have sealed Diana’s unfinished business. Unless she just wants to mess with other people, Diana’s return is pointless.

3. Wild guesses

With nothing much for us to go on, all there’s left is to imagine the possibilities. Perhaps, the plot of the sequel could revolve around another apparition who haunts those afraid of the dark. It sounds like an overused plot, but the proper twist could do it.

Stay tuned for more updates on Lights Out 2.